Thursday, October 2, 2014

free stuff

college students like free things.  people like free things.  i like free things.
so when i receive the text "i have leftover pad thai if u want it" i get very excited.  i not only enjoy pad thai a lot, i really enjoy not paying for it.
making something free is a great incentive.  that's why every organization that is looking for members offers something for free.  and, if it's food.  i usually take it.
i've received many free things in my life.  many of which i do not deserve.  I even enjoyed the pad thai with a pair of bamboo chopsticks my aunt gave me as a graduation gift.
free stuff.
food isn't the only item that's free on campus.  advice is plentiful as well.  advice on almost anything. advice from people who have experience.  it is great.
but if i ever mention free things, it always makes me think of the most important free gift i've received.  grace.  god's forgiveness.  a god loved me so much that he would give his son to save me.  i may not have deserved the free pad thai, but i definitely did not deserve salvation from an all powerful god.
so i attempt to be grateful for everything i receive.

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