Sunday, November 23, 2014

more free stuff

i do not normally attribute many things to luck.  but it would seem as though sometimes i become lucky.
not too much luck, of course.  just random special honors that occur infrequently.  
i have to visit fifteen approved music concerts a semester.  it's for my music degree.  that's quite a few when there are fifteen other things you could be doing instead of going to concerts.  
i do enjoy most of them.  but there are times i would rather sleep.  
a few weeks ago i was walking across campus to a concert.  i was almost late so i was walking at a faster-than-usual pace.  i passed up someone on my way there.  i did not really notice who he was; the focus was on not being late.  
when i walked into the building, i saw people exchanging tickets for entry.  
wait, this is a ticketed event?
oh well, i'll go practice.  
so i asked the guy who just walked in behind me, "is this a ticketed event?"  
"yeah, you need a ticket?" he said as he held two tickets in his hand.  "no one i knew would come with me."  
this was the guy i passed up in my haste to not be late.  and, if i had not passed him up, he may have gone in, simply having an extra ticket.  so, in a way, my fast walking saved me, and in a way, i got lucky.

the next day, i endeavored to go to another concert.  this one was downtown.  i got a ride with someone else in the music program.  but, i seem to have a rancor with planning ahead.  so i had not purchased my tickets ahead of time.  so had someone else who carpooled with me.  we were on our way to buy our tickets when someone stopped us: "have you bought your tickets yet?"
now we had free admission to see the des moines symphony.  but, more importantly, i was given free tickets two days in a row.
thank you lord.  that made me feel special.