Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"you're like a butterfly"

a direct quote from someone in my first year seminar class: new york, new york.  you'd never guess, so i'll tell you: it's about new york.  she said i was like a butterfly because i sporadically come and leave the group of us students who are lucky enough to be studying the big apple this fall.  this is only partially true.  i do find the need to flutter my way around a bit, but only a bit.
everyone on my floor seems to be getting an animal name.
even with all the welcomes to college and offers for help, this is quite a bite to be chewing.
i've made my deal with the devil for the books,
i've worn flipflops in the shower,
i've met four bens, three daniels, two graces, and one hudson, (which was most surprising)
and i've become a college student.

this reminds me of a haiku i wrote my sister for her birthday:

like the fuzzy worm,
you have slept, and grown, and changed.
so you butterfly

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

on the burning of bridges

no, i didn't actually burn it.  those things are freaking expensive.  i remember the first thing i ever broke on my cello was a bridge.  $60.  thanks mom for paying that.  i'm not really burning any relational bridges either.  i'm just leaving town.  time for college.  i'm burning emotional bridges to my past.
so deep.  i'm throwing away so much junk.  i'll get a bunch more soon, anyway.  i'm growing up; making big boy decisions.  on that topic, i decided to start writing on this again.  considering i wasn't even in high school when i started it, and now i'm off to college, it's going to be different.  just like my life will be different.  i'm going to drake university.  i've never lived in iowa, but now i'll be doing it with someone i've never met.  what an adventure!
i'm nostalgic for what was, excited for what will be.
anne bradstreet wrote a nice poem about something burning up in her life too.  she had to let go of it.  the last four lines of her poem:
There‘s wealth enough, I need no more,
Farewell, my pelf, farewell, my store.
The world no longer let me love,
My hope and treasure lies above.