Friday, October 31, 2014

the past week or so

quite a bit has been afoot lately on the drake campus.  here is a short overview.
someone threatened campus through seemingly anonymous ways.  these avenues of course turned out to not be as anonymous as was hoped.  he was caught.  there's your equal and opposite reaction.  everything has repercussions.  
i participated in something called paracticathon.  an all night practice party in the fine arts center.  quite a ride.  red bull abounded.  as did music.  i did not get back to my room until 6:30ish.  then i slept two hours and went to church on sunday morning.  
i worked out for the first time in my college career.  it felt good.  it helped that they had tvs.  burning those calories is much easier while watching big bang theory. 
i got to see a lovely group known as johnnyswim.  for free!  yes, my friends are pretty cool.  especially when they can get me in to see johnnyswim for free, and get me a poster.  
i worked out again.  actually a couple more times.  maybe this will turn into some sort of a regular thing.  me.  healthiness.  
i went on an adventure.  and by that, i mean i took the bus to downtown des moines with a friend and visited a pub and got proper (iowa) fish and chips.  munis the beverages.  it was, nevertheless, an experience.  
the power went out all across campus.  pretty surprising at first.  i decided to play a mini cello concert in the lobby of my powerless residence hall.  and the power came back soon after. 
i fasted for a day.  no food for a day.  it was a spiritual exercise.  a good one.
at the café were i broke my fast, i, and those who were with me, witnessed the death of a squirrel.  r.i.p. little fella.  

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