Thursday, September 18, 2014

time alone

when you are a music major you must practice.  it is not optional.    
when you are a performance major, you must practice many hours a day.  
when you practice, you are alone.  
alone with your instrument. 
i'm here for improvement. truthfully, improvement in everything. communicating, writing, playing, learning, connecting, reciting, performing, thinking... sleeping....
for me, much of that improvement has to be done alone. 
i can study in a group, but i study better alone.  i get through material faster, i complete assignments better, and i memorize much quicker.  of course i still need to study in a group.  sometimes.  college offers a unique availability of people.  if i want to study in a group, i  can, if i need a secluded area i can have that too.   

and, if i'm lucky, i can have a big, resonant room to practice in.  

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