Friday, September 12, 2014

there is a lot of people here

yes there is.  i graduated from a class of 46, if i remember correctly.  i knew almost everyone there.  that's not very many.  it would probably only take just over fifteen minutes to take individual selfies with each one of them.
here, there are 900+ entering first year students.  that's a lot more people.
so many names.
i've re-met people many times.  "oh, you're another kate!" is usually what i say.  there are more than a few kates here.
i already see people that remind me of others that i have known.  it almost makes me feel as though i know them because i knew someone like them.  such is only partially the case.
so many people are joining organizations because "it's a good way to meet people."
you can meet people anywhere you go.  they're everywhere.  
my first assigned paper was a comparison between my new experience at college and the circumstances of immigrants coming to ellis island in the 19th century.
there are a lot of similarities.  we are both dealing with an entirely new environment; we have heard what this new place is like, but have never seen it; we are finding out what it is really about; we are living with entirely new people; and even eating new food.  both our new worlds promise prosperity.  and with work, that will come.
 it will come.

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